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How It Works

Enabling new and authentic ways of connecting and working with others. From the inside out.

A pioneering approach 

we help people and teams to (re-)discover a sense of purpose and connection in order to make an impact. Our innovative solutions combine Mindfulness-based Personal Development with Collective Learning, Group Facilitation, Coaching & Teaming embedded in a community of like-minded & purpose-driven people. Our inside out approach around increasingly critical emotional and relationship building skills focuses on the mindsets, strengths and values of the people we work with. We create the space and offer the practices and skills for personal development, effective self-organization & agile collaboration, based on mutual appreciation, understanding, trust, collective learning and problem-solving. Our workshops, tools and practices address different people, teams and learning styles and integrate the latest scientific evidence on teams, creativity/innovation and the neuroscience of relationships and wellbeing.

Reinventing the way people connect and work with each other:

Driven by our own purpose and new research on the power of purpose in life and at work, we aim to inspire people and teams to discover their own purpose and to create meaning in what they do, based on awareness, reflection, inquiry and experimentation.

Our long-term meditation practitice & training by leading experts in the field of Neuroscience enables us to teach Mindfulness & Compassion-based techniques in an authentic way, to improve wellbeing, self-awareness, stress coping, focussing of attention and to build crucial skills for interacting  & collective problem-solving.

Our background in (Social) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education & Research inspired us to develop an experimental and highly interactive approach for people and teams, based on Self-Organization and Entrepreneurial thinking & acting.

Luckily we are not alone:

We benefit from a growing community of inspired people and organizations that share with us how they have (re-)discovered their purpose.