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Purpose Journey Workshops


  • For people and teams interested in a proven practice to enhance their collaboration.
  • For companies looking for new approaches to Personal Development, Team Learning and Coaching to inspire the next generation of employees in your organization and beyond.
  • For innovative CSR/ sustainability partnerships & social businesses, because collective impact is driven by great teams.
  • For teachers and other professionals interested in pioneering approaches to collaborative learning, stress coping and supporting school cultures.


  • Co-create a clear perspective on where you are as individuals and teams with the help of our Purpose Canvas – a structured path to more meaningful and effective team work.
  • Explore and adopt the practices and mental tools to self-develop yourselves towards where you want to go.


  • Purpose Journey Workshops are an evidence-based way to reinvent teamwork to create impact.
  • Our approach enables authentic collaboration, based on core principles of effective self-organization, self-development and healthy relationships.
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Use our Purpose Canvas to sense and unlock your team purpose. Our Purpose Journey Workshops enable you to…

  • Get a clear sense of how your (team) work connects to your values, strengths and desired impact
  • Discuss and visualize your team`s core drivers for a positive and productive team climate.
  • Align your individual purposes and identify your team purpose
  • Integrate diverse perspectives to enhance your team`s capability to co-create new solutions.
  • Define team roles and principles for self-organization that work for you


  • Key aspects for purpose-driven collaboration, visualized on your team`s own version of our Purpose Canvas
  • Mental tools and practices for self-awareness, focus and resilience that are easy to adapt
  • Practices to train your emotional and relationship building skills


  • Workshop (4-8 hours)
  • Key notes
  • Learning lab (customized trainings)
  • Optional 1:1 Coaching


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