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Who We Are

Anja Vrany

Inspiring people & teams to unfold their true potential to create positive impact…

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (ongoing certification with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield) & certified trainer for Mindfulness in Organizations
  • Systemic Coach (GST), Team Coach & Facilitator
  • Academic Staff at University of Appl. Sciences Munich (Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship) 
  • Advanced training with pioneers and academic experts on organizational culture and healthy relationships (Ed Schein, MIT; Dan Siegel, UCLA et. al) 

“Anja met all of the challenges of launching an international academic partnership with creative ideas, an open mind, and a warm smile.” Kenny Blum, Director of the Center for Brain Science, Harvard University

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Thomas Engelhardt

My intention is to enhance compassionate relationships and meaningful action…

within teams, families and the people I work with. I’m convinced that the time is up for another way of living and working together and that all starts with connecting to your unique Purpose Journey.

“Wonderful and inspiring Approach that helped to combine our analytic strength with a new sense of team intuition to define who we are, where we`re going and who else we need on board”

(Startup Founder)

“Mindfulness was new to us, but we greatly benefitted from it. Anja`s exercises and guided meditation helped to create a safe environment for developing new ideas.”

(Head of HR, IT Company)

“Thanks to the inspirational workshop our intercultural startup-teams were able to successfully tackle their business challenges by focusing what`s really important to them. Both, personally and from a business perspective”

(Organizer, International Startup Incubator)

“In this hectic phase, we were more than grateful to learn how to focus on what`s really important to us and experience the mental tools that helped to explore it”

(Customer Success Manager, Global Tech Company)